April 15, 2024
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Darth Vader 2024 Shortprint Photo Variant Card 2

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1958 Topps Baseball


Shortprint Photo 1/20

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This site contains affiliate links for which we may be compensated.
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2024 Darth Vader Shortprint Photo Variant

The Shortprint Photo Variation of Darth Vader Throw Back Thursday 2024 trading card is a one in 20 chance.

2024 Darth Vader Shortprint Photo Variant
2024 Darth Vader Shortprint Photo Variation Worth


This is a rare trading card being a 1 in 20 limited edition featuring The Dark Lord ‘s chest computer.

The Darth Vader 2024 Shortprint Photo Variant refers to a special edition trading card that is part of a broader collection of Star Wars memorabilia produced by Topps or a similar entity. Shortprint cards are typically produced in lower quantities compared to standard issues, making them more rare and sought after by collectors. This specific variant focuses on Darth Vader, one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars saga, and features a unique photo or image that distinguishes it from the regular prints in the series.

2024 Darth Vader Shortprint Photo Variant Design and Imagery

The 2024 Shortprint Photo Variant of Darth Vader reveals the “chest computer” on his outfit. We aren’t really sure what it does but it’s sure cool!

Rarity and Collectibility

The rarity of the Darth Vader 2024 Shortprint Photo Variant is a key aspect of its appeal. Shortprints are intentionally produced in limited quantities to create scarcity and drive demand. This scarcity, combined with the popularity of Darth Vader, can significantly increase the card’s value over time, especially among hardcore collectors and fans of the franchise. The card’s unique photo or artwork further adds to its desirability, as it represents a unique piece of Star Wars memorabilia that captures the essence of the character in a way that standard prints do not.

Packaging and Presentation

Given its collectible nature, the Darth Vader 2024 Shortprint Photo Variant might be presented in special packaging to protect the card and enhance its display value. This could include a protective sleeve, a hard case, or even a sealed package that keeps the card mint condition. The packaging might also feature distinctive branding or design elements that tie it back to the Star Wars universe, making it an attractive display piece for collectors.

Market Impact

The release of a shortprint variant can have a noticeable impact on the trading card market, especially within the niche of Star Wars collectibles. Collectors may seek to acquire the card upon release to ensure they have it in their collection before its value increases. The card could also attract attention from investors outside the traditional collector community, who see it as a potential asset that will appreciate over time.


The Darth Vader 2024 Shortprint Photo Variant stands out as a premium collectible item within the universe of Star Wars trading cards. Its limited production, unique imagery, and high-quality design make it a coveted piece for collectors and fans alike. As with all collectibles of this nature, its value is likely to grow, not just in financial terms but also as a cherished piece of memorabilia that celebrates one of the most compelling characters in the Star Wars saga.

This is different from the regular 2024 Throwback Thursday Darth Vader card design.

Part of the 2024 Throwback Thursday Star Wars Edition