April 15, 2024
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Leia Organa 2024 Shortprint Photo Variant Card 5

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2024 Topps Throwback Thursday

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1958 Topps Baseball

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Leia Organa 2024 Shortprint Photo Variant Star Wars Edition Set #2

Leia Organa Throw Back Thursday Shortprint Photo Variant 2024 card is card number 5 in weekly set number and part of the 2024 Throwback Thursday Star Wars Edition

There is a 1/20 chance of this card for which the average selling price for an ungraded card is $150.00

The Leia Organa Shortprint Photo Variant in the 2024 Set #2 is a particularly special and rare trading card within the broader collection dedicated to celebrating the character of Leia Organa, a pivotal figure in the Star Wars saga. Look here to see the standard base card of Leia Organa from this set.
This variant is part of a series produced by Topps or a similar entity, known for creating high-quality, collectible trading cards that appeal to both hardcore collectors and casual fans.
The Shortprint Photo Variant stands out due to its limited production run and unique imagery, making it a coveted piece for those looking to complete their collection or simply own a rare piece of Star Wars memorabilia.

Design and Imagery

The design of the Leia Organa Shortprint Photo Variant is distinguished by a unique photo or image not found on the standard cards in the set. On this occassion, it is a photo of Leia wear the speeder-bike helmet.

Leia Organa Shortprint Photo Variant
Leia Organa Shortprint Photo Variant

Rarity and Collectibility

The “Shortprint” designation indicates that this card is printed in significantly fewer quantities than the standard issues in the set, inherently increasing its rarity and desirability among collectors. The specific focus on Leia Organa, coupled with the unique photo variant, makes this card highly sought after. Its value is likely to appreciate over time, especially among fans of Leia Organa and collectors who aim to acquire complete sets or special editions.

Cultural and Fan Appeal

Leia Organa, portrayed by Carrie Fisher, is a character that has deeply resonated with audiences for her strength, leadership, and complexity. The Shortprint Photo Variant card not only serves as a collectible item but also as a tribute to Leia’s character and Fisher’s legacy. It captures a moment or aspect of Leia that fans may not see frequently, offering a new perspective on the beloved character and enriching the narrative of her journey throughout the Star Wars saga.

Packaging and Presentation

Given its rarity and collectibility, the Leia Organa Shortprint Photo Variant is likely to be presented with special care to preserve its condition and enhance its display value. This might include protective sleeves, top loaders, or even a sealed package that ensures the card remains in mint condition. The packaging itself could feature distinctive design elements that reflect the character’s significance and the card’s exclusivity.


The Leia Organa Shortprint Photo Variant in the 2024 Set #2 is a standout piece of memorabilia that combines rarity, cultural significance, and collectibility. Its unique design and imagery, coupled with the limited print run, make it a must-have for Star Wars fans and collectors alike. As a tribute to one of the saga’s most iconic characters, this card embodies the spirit of Leia Organa and offers a tangible connection to the legacy of Star Wars, making it a valuable and cherished addition to any collection.

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