April 15, 2024
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Boss Nass 2024 Throwback Thursday Card 15

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1973 Topps Football

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Feb 01, 2024

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Feb 08, 2024

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This site contains affiliate links for which we may be compensated.
2024 Topps Throwback Thursday Star Wars #15 Boss Nass Bronze Parallel 5/10

2024 TOPPS Throwback Thursday Star Wars #15 BOSS NASS Bronze Parallel 5/10

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Total: $73.98

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2024 Topps Star Wars Throwback Thursday #15 Boss Nass Silver #/5

2024 Topps Star Wars Throwback Thursday #15 Boss Nass Silver #/5

Watchers: 5

Bid: $90.99 Ship: $5.50
Total: $96.49

Time Remaining: 18 days, 10 hours, 5 minutes

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2024 Topps Star Wars Throwback Thursday Card #15 - Boss Nass

2024 Topps Star Wars Throwback Thursday Card #15 - Boss Nass

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Total: $6.99

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2024 Throwback Thursday Star Wars Set 5 Topps Football #15 Boss Nass In Hand

2024 Throwback Thursday Star Wars Set 5 Topps Football #15 Boss Nass In Hand

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Bid: $5.95 Ship: $0.00
Total: $5.95

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2024 Throwback Thursday Star Wars Edition Complete Your Set U Pick

2024 Throwback Thursday Star Wars Edition  Complete Your Set U Pick

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Bid: $7.99 Ship: $1.11
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Boss Nass 2024 Star Wars Throwback Thursday Card 15

Boss Nass
Boss Nass

What is the Boss Nass TBT Card for 2024?

The Boss Nass card in 2024 is number 15 in weekly set number 5 and part of the 2024 Throwback Thursday Star Wars Edition.

This card was available on TOPPS.com from February 1st 2024 through to February 8th, 2024 with a print run of 824 cards.

The set will include a Darth Maul Shortprint Photo Variation and numbered parallels in bronze, silver, and gold.

• 1:20 Shortprint Photo Variation
• Numbered parallels Bronze /10, Silver /5, and Gold /1
• 18pt Heritage style premium stock

What does the Darth Maul Bronze Parallel Look Like?

Here is what the Darth Maul bronze parallel looks like. This is a rare card being only 1 of 10 available.

Introduction to Boss Nass

In the rich tapestry of the “Star Wars” universe, full of iconic characters and memorable leaders, Boss Rugor Nass stands out as a pivotal figure within the Gungan society of Naboo. Introduced in “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace,” Boss Nass is the Supreme Ruler of the Gungan city Otoh Gunga, hidden beneath the planet Naboo’s surface.

Characterized by his distinctive booming voice and large, imposing figure, Boss Nass plays a crucial role in the saga, bridging the gap between the Gungan civilization and the human inhabitants of Naboo.

Background and Role in the Star Wars Universe

Boss Rugor Nass’s leadership is marked by a deep-rooted sense of tradition and skepticism towards the Naboo humans. This tension between the Gungans and Naboo forms the backdrop for his character’s introduction. Nass’s initial reluctance to assist the Naboo people against the Trade Federation’s invasion highlights the longstanding divisions between the two societies.

However, his eventual decision to form an alliance with Queen Amidala signifies a turning point not only for the character but for the planet’s history. This alliance is a testament to Nass’s ability to prioritize the greater good over longstanding prejudices, showcasing his qualities as a leader capable of making difficult decisions in times of crisis. His role extends beyond political leadership, embodying the themes of unity and cooperation that are central to the “Star Wars” narrative.

Character Development and Significance

Boss Nass’s character arc is a compelling study in leadership and the evolution of perspective. Initially depicted as parochial and isolationist, Nass undergoes significant development through “The Phantom Menace.”

His decision to ally with the Naboo against the Trade Federation marks a critical shift, not just in the plot, but in the portrayal of leadership in the “Star Wars” universe. Nass’s journey from skepticism to solidarity reflects a broader theme of overcoming differences to confront common threats, a recurring motif in the series.

His development is significant for highlighting the capacity for change among individuals and societies, demonstrating that unity can be achieved despite deep-seated divisions. This evolution also reinforces the narrative importance of cooperation between diverse groups, a principle that resonates throughout the “Star Wars” saga.

Boss Nass and the Gungan Society

Boss Nass is integral to the depiction of Gungan society, a matriarchal community characterized by its distinct culture, language, and technology. As the leader, Nass embodies the Gungan’s values and traditions, serving as a guardian of their way of life.

Under his leadership, Otoh Gunga stands as a testament to the Gungans’ architectural and engineering prowess, with its bubble-like structures and advanced technology that harmonizes with the natural environment.

Nass’s role highlights the complexities of Gungan society, showcasing their sophistication and depth beyond the initial comedic impressions. His leadership reflects the societal norms and governance structures of the Gungans, offering viewers a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry that makes up the “Star Wars” universe.

Impact and Legacy in the Star Wars Franchise

Boss Nass’s impact on the “Star Wars” franchise extends beyond his narrative role, contributing to the series’ exploration of diversity and the dynamics of power and leadership. By showcasing the reconciliation between the Gungans and Naboo, Nass’s character arc emphasizes the franchise’s underlying messages about the importance of unity and overcoming prejudice.

Additionally, his memorable appearance and unique speech pattern have left a lasting impression on fans, making him a recognizable and discussed character among the expansive “Star Wars” cast. Nass’s legacy is also reflected in the way he has inspired discussions about leadership, cultural differences, and the value of cooperation, themes that remain relevant in both the “Star Wars” universe and the real world.


Boss Nass’s journey from an insular leader to a unifying figure captures the essence of transformation and reconciliation in the “Star Wars” saga. His character not only enriches the narrative tapestry of the franchise but also leaves a lasting legacy on the themes of leadership, unity, and diversity.

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